Phil Arthur Pottery

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About Me

Training and Influences

I trained at Farnham School of Art and Epsom College of Art and Design in the years 1970 to 1974 studying vocational ceramics.

Having been a production wheel thrower, making functional domestic ware, I have become increasingly interested in the freedom and scope of the handbuilding techniques I have been working with in my teaching capacity.

I have developed a line of bird and animal form pots using thrown shapes as the basis for altering and constructing. As a potter rather than a sculptor I try to retain the essential essence of a pot, a vessel, whilst being prepared to ditch all other constraints.

These pots are inspired by, and follow in the tradition of 17th century English slipware owl jugs but have been taken a step further, allowing influence of Pre-Colombian vessels and the pots of Piccasso.

Each lidded jug is assembled from individual wheel-thrown and altered pieces. They are made in terracotta clay, slip painted and decorated with scraffitto.